Malawi (working as a FP)

Volunteering as preceptor (= Family physician coach for medical students) in an under- and postgraduate Community & Family Medicine Rotation Program in a rural hospital for 6 weeks.

The Family medicine undergraduate program organised by the Department of Family Medicine trains medical students in working in a rural setting.
For this the  Departments asks for help of Family Practitioners (FPs ~ huisarts/ tropenarts) to assist in the training for 6 weeks. Preferably you do it more times (max. twice a year).
The travel and lodging are at your own expense.
The first period is for Cohort 3: Monday 29 January till Friday 9 March 2018
The 2nd period is for Cohort 4: Monday 19 March till Friday 27 April 2018.
For those who like to plan long in advance, we provide the dates of further cohorts:
The 3nd period is for Cohort 5: Monday 3 September till Friday 14 Oktober 2018.
The 4th period is for Cohort 6: Monday 5-November till Friday 16 -December 2018
The 5th period is for Cohort 7: Monday 28 Januari till Friday 10 March 20198.
The 6th period is for Cohort 8: Monday 18 March till Friday 28 April 2018.
For the full schedule in Excel click

The 6 weeks consist of 1 week both teaching & lectures week in Blantyre (mo-fr)
4 weeks preceptor in Mangochi district hospital,
1 week exam week Blantyre ma-vrij.
It is an attractive option for Dutch FPs/ former tropical doctors (huisarts/ tropenartsen) to work as additional staff in a rural hospital coaching students in FM-principles, communication & skills.
Read the narrative of one day of the volunteers on education in Mangochi district hospital
Before or after the 6 weeks there is an opportunity for travelling and tourism.

Neno hospital (Partners In Health; PIH) and Nkhoma hospital have their own US-FPs who work in the same undergraduate program. PIH has made an excellent document for preceptors in Neno hospital on what preparations to make but the document is also applicable for Mangochi.

For further information we recommend contacting
1. Miriam van der Goor (coordinator) or
Barbara Swarthout
3. John Parks (Head of Department (HoD).
You need to register with the Malawian Medical board for 440 USD

Staff of Dep of FM and 6 registrars after a joint meal

Working for 3 months or more in a rural clinic as Family Practitioner

Dr. Jeannette van Os is a Dutch GP who already runs The Billy Riordan Memorial Clinic (huisartsenpraktijk) in Cape Maclear, a beautiful place boarding Lake Malawi. Irish and Scottish GPs come to help out in her practice. The application form & all information on the clinic can be found on the site of the Billy Riordan Memorial foundation

Jeannette in her clinic in Cape Maclear