Masters International Health

Om je op weg te helpen, hieronder een overzicht van een aantal bekende masters of international health.

KIT Master International Health

Start date : 05-03-2018 and 10-09-2018

Link MIH: More information:

Link MIH: More information: Location: Amsterdam. Duration: 1 year (FT); up to 5 years (PT)

The Master in International Health is a flexible, modular programme that aims to develop the capacity of professionals to work at the interface of international organizations and national health systems. This course is designed for health professionals e.g. doctors, nurses or midwives, who wish to develop their career in international health. This Master’s in International Health is a flexible programme, allowing for full-time or part-time study. It consists of a core course, advanced modules, and a research project submitted as a thesis. The programme can be completed within 1 to 5 years, depending on your availability. The MIH is organised by the Royal Tropical Institute (KIT) and the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (VU). You can choose from hundreds of accredited advanced modules from the TropEd network.  This way you can design a programme that fits your individual interests and future plans. The MIH is organised by the Royal Tropical Institute (KIT) and the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (VU) and is accredited by the Netherlands-Flemish Accreditation Organisation (NVAO). 

Antwerpen Master (MSc) in Public Health – International Health

Contact: Course Co-ordinator: Pol De Vos
Course Director: Patrick Kolsteren
Course Secretary: Titania Van de Velde
Tel: +(32) (0)3 247 66 61

A new orientation in the MPH programme allowing flexible, tailor-made and part-time study in international health


The field of international health is getting ever more complex with expanding global threats posed by infectious and non-communicable diseases, persisting large inequalities in health and quality of health care, increasing numbers of (international) actors and global health initiatives, struggling public health care systems, epidemiological and nutritional transitions, neglected health problems and important translation gaps from evidence to policy and practice. To deal with this increasingly challenging context, well trained professionals and researchers are needed with a strong public health vision to improve the quality and effectiveness of clinical care, manage health programmes and systems and to develop context specific policies and strategies. The MPH-IH intends to be an answer to these challenges as it allows a broad and diverse outflow profile. It is an international, modular and flexible master after master programme of 60 ECTS credits, to be completed within 5 years (2,5 years for scholarship students). The flexibility of this programme has 3 dimensions: it refers to content, time and place. It is the students’ responsibility to plan, obtain approval at different stages and manage his/her individual study-plan.

Objectives and occupational profile

At the end of the programme participants should be able to:

  • Review, interpret and evaluate evidence.
  • Generate evidence on international health issues through own research, using primary or secondary data.
  • Formulate evidence-based strategies and policies to strengthen clinical care,  disease prevention and control and/or health systems.
  • Relate strategies and policies to the broader national, international and global health systems environments.
  • Integrate a value-based approach.
  • Communicate and negotiate with diverse stakeholders.

The master (MPH) in international health will be able to work:

  • As a technical or policy advisor to national and international organisations including ministries of health.
  • As programme manager or (technical) expert in international NGOs.
  • As manager at different levels of a health care system.
  • As clinician, manager and researcher of quality of clinical care at reference hospitals or ministries.
  • As manager or researcher working in public health laboratories or researcher in (inter)national knowledge centres.

London Masters Tropical Medicine and International Health MSc


By the end of this course, students should be able to

  • understand and describe the causation, pathogenesis, clinical features, diagnosis, management, and control of the major parasitic, bacterial, and viral diseases of developing countries
  • demonstrate knowledge and skills in diagnostic parasitology and other simple laboratory methods
  • understand and apply basic epidemiological principles, including selecting appropriate study designs
  • apply and interpret basic statistical tests for the analysis of quantitative data
  • critically evaluate published literature in order to make appropriate clinical decisions
  • communicate relevant medical knowledge to patients, health care professionals, colleagues and other groups
  • understand the basic sciences underlying clinical and public health practice

Programme specifications: A comprehensive summary of the key elements of the degree, including educational aims and intended learning outcomes, plus details on programme structure, assessment requirements, student support and more.

  • Course directors
  • Prof Robin Bailey
  • How much will it cost?
  • (Annual tuition fees are shown below. These are reviewed annually)
Home (2014/15 fees) Full time £8,300
Split Study £4,150
Overseas (2014/15 fees) Full time £19,450
Split Study £9,725

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Uppsala Master Programme in International Health 2018/2019

The Master Programme in Global Health prepares you for leadership in promoting global health. This programme equips you with skills to appreciate and analyse global health problems and to develop and evaluate actions to improve public health. The programme is composed of compulsory and elective courses and includes planning, performing, analysing and reporting an independent research project in the field of global health.


The Master Programme in Global Health consists of four semesters. During the first semester we provide basic knowledge in global health and research methods, and pave the way for the second semester’s advanced course focusing on global nutrition, sexual and reproductive health and child health. The third semester prepares you for the Master’s thesis you will undertake as during the last semester, with courses in research methods and field work. This can also be combined with an internship.


The programme leads to a Master of Medical Science (120 credits) with Global Health as the main field of study. Faculty of Health, Medicine and Life Sciences

Global Health

If you feel challenged by the global impact of health-affecting events like epidemics, natural disasters and inequities in access to health services, you are obviously interested in global health.
If, in addition, you enjoy learning and working in small groups composed of fellow students from different countries and with various educational backgrounds, joining the Master of Science in Global Health is a great opportunity for you.
The master’s programme in Global Health is a one-year programme in English which addresses at global scale the complex relationships among health, healthcare, technology, international business, economic development, politics, socio-cultural environment, and management. The programme encompasses a core and electives.

Electives are offered by:

The programme offers both actual and virtual student and faculty exchanges between the participating universities, including residencies for electives at a partner university, online sharing of courses and seminars, with intercontinental teams working on shared assignments, and a two-week Learning Symposium in which all students in the programme gather – possibly in a developing country – to exchange ideas and experiences, and to lay a basis for future collaboration. In addition to the regular one year programme, Global Health is also offered as a specialization within the Faculty’s two year Master in Health Sciences Research programme. Students with a particular interest in research in the global health field are invited to check the Health Sciences Research Master here.

MSc International Public Health

  • MSc International Public Health
  • MSc International Public Health (Humanitarian Assistance)
  • MSc International Public Health (Planning & Management)
  • MSc International Public Health (Sexual & Reproductive Health
FULL-TIME: 1 year . Accepting Applications for programme starting 15 September 2014
Programme Contact: Registry, E: of Studies: Dr Esther Richards

Masters in Public Health/International Course in Health Development; Health Systems Policy and Management track

Start date: 21-09-2014


Location: Amsterdam

Duration: 1 year

The International Course in Health Development (ICHD/MPH) is an annual 12-month Master of Public Health programme organized by the Royal Tropical Institute (KIT) and the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (VU).

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