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1. Relevant publications on FM in LMIC

The publications on this page address
1. the evidence for Family Medicine Care
2. How family medicine (training ) can be promoted
3. Access to health workers in rural areas

2. Literature on Family Medicine Training in IH

Training Family physicians who could replace former tropical doctors (a much needed generalist) is the Cinderella of medical training. Read on the first efforts of FM-training.

3. PhD’s in Family Medicine in LMIC’s

You find recent successful PhDs on health problems in LMICs as well as information on Why PhDs are important and How you can start a PhD.

4. Novels/personal documents of Family Physicians/tropical doctors


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2. Global Health maakt artsen bescheiden – Medisch Contact

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2. Medical training- time to go global? L.Pettigrew
3. How best to prepare for epidemics? Strengthen primary care

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