PhD in Family Medicine in LRC

Why this page on PhDs.
Research and PhDs are essential to fortify the fundament of FM.
A PhD is a step towards understanding research or becoming a researcher.
It is also a step for helping & coaching students and registrars in FM.

How to proceed to the start of a PhD
In North South collaboration  research and PhDs are a essential vehicle. So when you intend to start a PhD-study your FM-department may want to build a cooperation with the host institute.
Together the institutes can apply for funding of NUFFIC in The Netherlands.
SHE in Maastricht provides such PhD-programmes. Contact Prof. GeertJan Dinant or Mark Spigt

Examples of successful theses
Diagnostic evaluation of smear negative TB in a resource poor setting. Mala George Otieno.

Intestinal Parasitosis and Under‐nutrition in Ethiopia: Prevalence, Risk factors and Prevention. Mahmud Abdulkader Mahmud

Care for chronic diseases in LICs. The health system perspective and self-management of diabetes. Josefien van Olmen- Access to Care For children under‐five across high pneumonia mortality countries in sub‐Saharan Africa. Camielle Noordam

– Where altitude and sex meet: Sexual risk behaviour and altitude illness in travel clinic visitors M.Croughs. +32475394800, 

Cardiovascular disease prevention in the slums of Kenya. Steven van de Vijver. proefschrift & publication in the Lancet.

– K. von Pressentin, a South African FP wrote an excellent thesis on the contribution of Family Physicians to the SA health care system.