20-11 VICE VERSA: GLOBAL HEALTH CAFE: spotlight on health workers

Date(s) – 20/11/2017
14:30 – 17:00


On Monday 20 November the first of a series of four Global Health café debates will be held at the Royal Tropical Institute (KIT). The series aims to establish a broader strategic approach towards global health and the first debate will focus on the role of the health worker in health systems. Facilitator Petra Stienen will lead the debate and shall be joined by a panel of international and national experts on this subject.

In recent months the Netherlands has put Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR) on the human rights map, generating substantial publicity with the Government-supported initiative She Decides, a campaign to promote safe abortion in developing countries. The attention has confirmed the Netherlands’ reputation as a progressive donor. But it has not helped to win support for a broader policy framework for a global health service provision.

The UN’s Sustainable Development Goals advocate a broad-based approach towards global health and regard access to good, affordable health care as a prerequisite for sustainable development. Yet the number of people without access to health care services has increased in recent years, reflecting a widening gap in income levels. Currently, the WHO estimates that at least 400 million people worldwide have no access to one or more essential health care services.

The Netherlands has considerable knowledge and experience in global health that it would like to put to the service of those disadvantaged millions. To that end, Amref Flying Doctors, Cordaid, KIT Royal Tropical Institute, the KNCV Tuberculosis Foundation, the health rights organisation Wemos, and Dutch development aid publisher Vice Versa, are joining together to raise awareness of relevant health sector issues and to share and compare effective comprehensive health system approaches.

We plan to organise four Global Health café events in the next year. The topics will reflect trends in global health and each time we delve deeper into one key issue. The issues will be analysed by engaging expert speakers from the Netherlands and abroad. Our media partner Vice Versa will follow up on each event with a special report on its website covering topics and trends discussed during the debates and backgrounders and news on related global health developments. Space on the Vice Versa website will be reserved for blogs and editorials from professionals and students worldwide.