WHIG International

The website wants to involve people interested in Family Medicine (FM) as a fundamental right !

The WHIG (Dutch) is involved in travel medicine and import diseases; FM for migrants and research in this field. The WHIG brings together information on FM for students in AfricaEuropetrainees in FM and Family Practitioners (FP). You can find relevant publications, info on the postgraduate FM-training in Kenya and Ruanda.
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The WHIG wants to promote exchange of knowledge between Family Practioners (FP) on global health issues and to use that knowledge in primary care in The Netherlands (travel advice, care for migrants). The WHIG supports research in that field and supports training in FM in countries that lack such a tradition.

How? (strategy)

  1. Organising the training in travel advice, promoting its position in General Practice and supporting its Quality assurance.
  2. Training and teaching of registrars in Tropical Medicine and students of the Masters program of International Health; Coaching students and Dutch FM-trainees who do electives in FM abroad.
  3. Supporting FM-training of Doctors to specialise in FM in other countries that lack such training. (Kenya, Ruanda).
  4. Documentation and research in the field of FM and International Health e.g. import diseases in The Netherlands.

Countries that have well developed primary health care systems are known to have better health outcomes, fewer people in hospital, increased patient satisfaction and lower costs.
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