Rwanda Family Medicine Program

The undergraduate program in Community Health and Family Medicine & other news
In march 2017 Mieke Visser, Maaike Flinkenflögel & Mariëtte de Reeper organised a 2 week course for hundreds of medical students in Kigali and Butare. Fons Mathot and Pieter van den Hombergh helped with teaching, but also had the opportunity to meet many people and attend a meeting of the future association of FPs. All discussions were on how to revive the FM-training.  Suggestions are in the report of this visit.
The iSOCO program has 440 students for 4 mths 1 day/wk (including 20 military med. students)
Two junior doctors are part of the team. The team made an great site for all learning material.
For Community (Umuganda) health we hope to show a YouTube film (in development)
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200 students in Butare required some shouting.      Palliative care in Kibagabaga hospital Kigali.
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Mariëtte, Pieter, Fons and Maaike and a student.  Undergraduates after lecture of Phil Cotton.
Teaching also for future military physicians in FM by Alfred, Akiki from PIH & Mieke

Excellent publications are now available:

The desired Rwandan Health Care Provider Education for Primary Care (in Education for PC)
The next generation of Rwandan physicians with a primary health care mindset (article in the African Journal of Family Medicine and Primary Health Care)
Primafamed Family Medicine training in Sub-Saharan Africa (South–South cooperation in the Primafamed project as strategy for development(article in Family Practice)
Bill Gates (on behalf of the foundation) has a nice video on the success of Rwanda.

The FM-program in Rwanda started in 2008 and was supported by the University of Colorado with a grant form CDC Atlanta.  PIH (Partners in Health) with NUR (Nat. University of Rwanda), Faculty of medicine, department of family medicine. FAMCO (Family Medicine & Community health MMed training) is a 4 year Program and started in 2008. The first group of 9 Family Physicians (6 graduated in 2012, 3 later).DSC_0236 (2).Michel Miller was the acting head of the training. Mieke Visser (tropical dr, MPH public health) & Maaike Flinkenflogel help with the training supported by Primafamed Edulink ACP EU project.
In this project SSA-universities collaborate around increasing the awareness of FM.
Mieke organised the community health rotation in the training (her report).
Maaike and Mieke wrote a paper on the Ruanda FM-traing in MT

The PM-fund supported in 2012 a two day extra training in practice management for the residents given by Pieter van den Hombergh (click for his lecture).  See summary on this practice management course & the powerpoint and a report from april 2016 about the course for the 4th yr MBChB students from Marga Vintges & Mieke Article FM collaboration ruanda

Mieke Visser Management course with Michael Miller, Mieke and students
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