Ahad Quraishi is a Dutch GP from Afghanistan, who chairs the foundation: “everybody deserves a chance”.  There are 280 Afghan doctors in Holland. His network is huge.

Bangla Desh

A former staffmember of the Dutch Association of FM – Carolina Pronk – has returned from her work in Sathkira to improve regional health status and wellfare. She is our only contact for FPs who want to connect to initiatives on FM-training in Bangla Desh. Her email is: Mail her if you want to read her blog.


The Zorggroep Almere has a link with the city of Qingdao (3 million people) where over 100 health centres are started with FM as orientation.
The exchange was part of a bigger program of a exchange between CHina and Holland. See the report on the program & project of the Dutch and Chinese government.


Dara Sinjari  is a FP trained in The Netherlands and tryin to set up General Practice care in the Kurdish Region. He wrote: Family Medicine is taking a very important role in the healthcare system of the Kurdish Region of Iraq. It is now recognized and integrated in the primary healthcare. It is necessary to reorganize the primary healthcare because of the increased load on the health system by IDPs and refugees. The family physician tackles a lot of problems. We are in the first phase. Our teams are working very hard to improve family medicine.
For contact you can mail:


India has discovered FM again afer years of neglect. They train 300 FPs now and want a rapid increase. Read their story


Maastricht University is collaborating with the MoH of Indonesia for an exchange in FM-training expertise (2017).  Click for info on their course by SHE (School of Health Professions Education)


In september 2011 professor Ryuki Kassai MD  – head of Department of FM – and his wife Masako Li, proef in health economics visited the health center of Lex Goudswaard in Houten. He is trained in Canada and has started the first FM-training in Hokiado. Contact: Department of Community and Family Medicine, Fukushima Medical University, 1 Hikarigaoka, Fukushima, 960-1295 Japan. Tel: +81 24 547 1515  E-mail: ryukikas© or masako©, Home page:

In 2009 Prof. Jacobijn Gussekloo visited Japan because they wanted to hear about our elderly care. Lots to learn from Japan. For more info contact


The University of Amsterdam has a link with the FM-training of Ulan Batur. Contact Prof Henk van Weert, or Prof M. Meyboom
A fresh FP Saskia van Vugt has visited Mongolia to support the training.
For a vivid report mail saskiavanvugt©


Myanmar has a PHC-system, but is aware of its shortcomings. From Jaap Hamel, a public Health consultant we got this newspaper article page 1 and page 2 on FM. It is the beginning.


THE FOUNDATION WOMEN FOR WOMEN NETHERLANDS ” health project for women in Nepal” This project gives treatment, education and training and collects data for scientific purposes hoping in this way to support the development of health services in Nepal. We were overwhelmed with the great number of needy women who visited our camps and treated 1200 women in 6 days for gynecological affections. In 2003 and 2004 we again organized gynocamps in different areas and concentrate now on problems of uterine prolaps (fallen womb). Read more on The FP on the program is Molly Verdegaal Read her paper in the MT-special.

In Nepal heeft slechts 15% van de bevolking toegang tot de nationale gezondheidszorg. Het ziekenhuis waar Projects Abroad mee samenwerkt rekent ongeveer 1/5 van wat veel ziekenhuizen in Kathmandu rekenen. Hierdoor heeft de arme bevolking ook toegang tot betere gezondheidszorg. Ook is er een speciaal fonds van het ziekenhuis, deels gesponsord door Projects Abroad, waarmee sommige patiënten voor een kleine eigen bijdrage of voor niks behandeld kunnen worden. lees verder op de site van projects abroad:

Dit medische project is perfect geschikt voor mensen met ervaring in de gezondheidszorg die als vrijwilliger in het buitenland willen werken, zoals artsen die een sabbatical genomen hebben.


Palestine has a primary health care (PHC) system, but wants to evolve to a Family Practice model. In 2016 & 17 the WHO published a recommendation to the MoH for a 10 year strategy towards Family Practice Care in Palestine (Jarl Chabot/ Pieter van den Hombergh) that contains information on the situation of FM in Palestine.
A family medicine training program started at An Najah University, in collaboration with International Development of Family Medicine in Palestine ( and Medical Aid for Palestinians (MAP-UK). Follow a lecture of Paul Wallace to keep up with the developments. For more info click here.


Grace Marie Ku is our only contact with the Philippines and lives in Brussels. She is a Family Physician and researcher. Email: Grace Marie Ku


An opportunity has been presented for a team of Specialist GP’s to work in Doha, Qatar.

Well paid en well taken care of (salary $17,000 – $22,000 USD per month, 40-48 hours per week, car and driver to provide care in the community, 50 days of paid annual leave per year, when you bring your family the hospital will pay schooling allowance, business flights for the whole family) and you work in a General Practice “Homecare System”.

Doha is the shining jewel of Qatar, a multicultural city home to most of the country’s population as well as expatriate communities form a range of origins. Shopping abounds in the city’s plentiful malls, while the Corniche impresses visitors with picturesque architecture and dazzling views of the harbour.

If interested contact: Alison Brooks, MRCS, Recruitment Consultant, Ochre recruitment. alison@ochrerecruitment.comM 0439 690 336 | P 03 9020 7820 | Suite 23/ Level 10 |  401 Docklands Drive| DocklandsVictoria | 3008

United Arab Emirates, Dubai

In Dubai Caecilia Verlinden – Once a core member of the WHIG – works as a Family Practitioner. She has a professional page on Facebook