For Europe we refer to the WES (Working Party European Collaboration)

WES was initially founded as a Dutch organisation supporting the European Vasco da Gama Movement, the WONCA European Working Group for Young and Future General Practitioners. WES dedicates itself to the exchange and integration of the various areas of General Practice in international context. This work is done by Dutch GP Trainees in cooperation with GP trainees of other countries by : 1. Participation in international congresses and symposia
2. Exchange on: – Vocational training – Primary health care – Research



The semper amici foundation wants to support the development of primary care in Iasi, Romania. It organises Continuous Medical Education (CME) together with Romanian Colleagues. Paul Heuberger is chairman and Erna van Muijden-Karssen, secretary –treasurer
Contact or phone +31(0)33 4214990


Stichting Foundation Sharing Knowledge N-U (The Netherlands Ukraine)

The FSK N-U wants to share knowledge between Dutch Family Doctors and Ukrainian Doctors in basic healthcare.  To achieve this, the Foundation translates NHG guidelines into Russian, organizes and gives training programs based on the NHG-guidelines in Ukraine. Tel. +31 345 618227


Norway has a shortage of FPs. Rural medicine is well developed, because of the large sparsely populated areas. When interested mail our Dutch colleague Anne Guus Verhoeven []


Former tropical doctors stray off to other countries to work as GP. So did Jan Auke Dijkstra by moving to France. France offers a great Job opportunity because of a huge shortage of rural GPs. You need to speak French. He works 50/50 in 2 practices, one in a village of 8000, with one other colleague.
He worked 8 years in Curaçao in the eighties in a hospital and as a GP. Then three years in the Republic of Benin and later in Rwanda after the genocide in 1995. Then back to Antwerp for an MPH, applying it in Zimbabwe for a couple of years. Then 3 years 50/50 in Geneva (Travel Medicine) en France (GP) and back for 5 years to Africa, Namibia, for the WHO in HIV-control. In 2011 settled as GP in France near Geneva. His kids are in the international school.