Family Medicine Training in Malawi: need for volunteers

Wim Heres and Pieter van den Hombergh just returned from a visit to Malawi having been invited by Barbara Swarthout and Miriam van der Goor. Both Barbara and Miriam are committed Family physicians, who work at the department of Family Medicine with the under- and post-graduate training.
The training is well organised  but to survive still requires input from volunteers / family physicians. FPs from all over the world ( Malawi, Congo, SA, the UK, US, Holland, Sweden) are all very motivated and dedicated staff members.
For Dutch Family Physicians/ former tropical doctors Malawi is an opportunity to help out 6 weeks on a voluntary base with the training in a rural hospital. When you have more time assisting in a general practice may be a possibility.

Our fact finding visit included the Department of Family medicine with John Parks as Head of Department, the FM training center in Mangochi hospital with Prosper Lutala working at the site as Deputy Head of Department, the Medical Training/ College of Medicine, the FM practice of Barbara in the Cure hospital. Unexpected and inspiring was the visit of the Community Health practice/ clinic of the tropical doctor/ AIGT Jeanette van Os in Cape Maclear. The result is on the webpage:  and
Our trip was too short. Family Medicine is in a very promising phase in Malawi. Go and have a look.