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In 1995 The Dutch platform of Family Medicine and International Health was founded by Former Tropical Doctors who worked as GPs after return. They wanted to use their experience in Global Health at home and abroad.
Activities in The Netherlands are written in Dutch, the rest is in English. They consider themselves World Family Doctors.


The WHIG wants to promote exchange of knowledge between Family Physicians (FPs) on global health issues and to use that knowledge in Primary Care in The Netherlands (travel advice & care for immigrants and refugees).
The WHIG supports research in that field and in training in FM abroad.

How ? (strategy)

  1. To organise CME in travel medicine and import diseases, to promote Travel Advice in General Practice & support QA in the field.
  2. Support the training & teaching in Tropical Medicine & Global Health in The Netherlands & abroad.
  3. Supporting FM-training in countries lacking such training.
  4. Documentation & research in FM & IH e.g. import diseases.
  5. Mediate in jobs and electives.

Why ?

Countries that have well developed primary health care systems are known to have better health outcomes, fewer people in hospital, increased patient satisfaction and lower costs. (Why are FM-doctors key to health in LMICs).