Collaboration of PUM, Medic and WHIG in India

Through PUM Pieter van den Hombergh was connected to Mr. Jain from India to support the start of a health center near Amritsar.
Mr. Jain acts on behalf of The Shri Madan Lal Puran Devi Jain Trust, that hopes to bring affordable health care to those who cannot afford that.
It very much supports the idea of Universal Health coverage for all.
PUM and its Hans Blankert Fund (HBF) enabled Medic to furnish the center with medical equipment. The opening was done by the Dutch ambassador.

The center is up and running, thanks to the determination of Mr. Jain and his Trust. For the interesting report click here.

Family Medicine in India. What is going on?

India has discovered FM again after years of neglect. They train 300 FPs now and want a rapid increase. Read their story