Leuk om te lezen?

Three important WONCA publications were launched recently at the world conference in Seoul:

Family Practice in the Eastern Mediterranean Region: Universal Health Coverage and Quality Primary Care  Edited by Michael Kidd and Hassan Saleh (WHO EMRO) this is the first book to analyze in depth the current causes of shortage of family physicians and the relative weakness of the family practice model in many countries in the Eastern Mediterranean Region.

How to Do Primary Care Research  Edited by Felicity Goodyear-Smith and Bob Mash, this is a practical ‘How To’ guide,  talking the reader step-by-step through designing, conducting and disseminating primary care research, a growing discipline internationally.

Primary Health Care around the World: Recommendations for International Policy and Development edited by Chris van Weel and Amanda Howe.  This unique book is the first to bring together primary care experiences from around the world, with emphasis on non-Western regions. Utilising published articles that profile different countries’ primary health care, accompanied by expert commentaries, the book consolidates global primary health care information over the past decade.