Leuk om te lezen? An uncertain safety

An Uncertain Safety

Integrative Health Care for the 21st Century Refugees

Editors: Wenzel, Thomas, Drožđek, Boris (Eds.)

  • Presents a comprehensive and interdisciplinary approach to the psychological and medical issues of forced migration
  • Discusses short and long-term challenges and solution models
  • Focuses on both evidence-based and tested, as well as innovative new concepts

About this book:

This book addresses the psychosocial and medical issues of forced migration due to war, major disasters and political as well as climate changes. The topics are discussed in the context of public health and linked to organizational, legal and practical strategies that can offer guidance to professionals, as well as governmental and non-governmental organizations. Both internal and international displacement present substantial challenges that require new solutions and integrated approaches. Issues covered include an overview of current health challenges in the new refugee crises: medicine and mental health in disaster areas, long-term displacement and mental health, integration of legal, medical, social and health economic issues, children and unaccompanied minors, ethical challenges in service provision, short and long-term issues in host countries, models of crises intervention, critical issues, such as suicide prevention, new basic and “minimal” intervention models adapted to limited resources in psychosocial and mental health care, rebuilding of health care in post-disaster/conflict countries, training and burn-out prevention.  The book was developed in collaboration with the World Psychiatric Association, and is endorsed by Fabio Grandi (UN High Commissioner for Refugees), Manfred Nowak (former UN Special Rapporteur for Torture), and Jorge Aroche (President of IRCT).

More information you will find on the Springer website https://www.springer.com/us/book/9783319729138