Leuk om te lezen: Rural FM cafe

Kijk wat een leuk initiatief dit forum is:

#SoMe Ambassadors Network of GP/FM

Welcome to the #SoMe Ambassadors Network of General Practice / Family Medicine! This project is conducted by members of the regional Young Doctors Movements for new and future family doctors within the World Organization of Family Doctors (WONCA).

The purpose of the project is to build a network of General Practitioners / Family Doctors on Social Media (including trainees and medical students pursuing a career in General Practice / Family Medicine). Members should be interested in receiving information on initiatives run by members of WONCA Young Doctors’ Movements (YDMs), willing to participate and/or promote such initiatives. The Rural Family Medicine Café is a live meeting on Google Hangouts hosted by Mayara Floss, a #SoMe Ambassador from Brazil. It’s meant as a forum for discussion of themes pertaining to Family Medicine, with a focus in Rural Family Medicine. For each session there is a selected theme and a panel of invited speakers to discuss it during 1-1h30 hours.