Medical training: time to go global? L.Pettigrew

Medical Training: Time to go Global?

Incorporating Global Health & International Experience into a career in Primary Care 


Acquire new skills

  • Clinical e.g. history, examination, diagnosis, tropical medicine, HIV/TB etc..
  • Exposure to resource-scarcity / new technology
  • Leadership & Management
  • Teaching & Learning
  • Research
  • Interpersonal skills e.g. communication, cultural competence
  • Managing ethical challenges
  • Cross specialty/profession collaboration
  • Language

Better informed perspective on home & global situation

  • Socio-economic & environmental determinants
  • Health systems
  • Health policy
  • Global burden of disease
  • Role of health advocacy

Creates enthusiasm / Renews job satisfaction

  • For working at home
  • For primary care & public health
  • For caring for underserved & immigrant population

Read more in:

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