The menu of “onderwijs” or education serves Family physicians, who:

  1. want to become AIGT or
    want to download former management literature used in the NTC-course,
  2. want todo CME abroad in Int. Health/ travel medicine or
  3. CME in diversity Migrant care/ gender (in Dutch)
  4. want to do a Masters in International Health & Tropical Medicine
  5. FPs, trainees & medical students in FM, who like to do an elective abroad (Buitenlandstage).
    1. Electives outside Europe
    2. Electives in Europe for registrars (aios) (WES, Vasco da Gama: Hippocrates program)
    3. Electives in Family Medicine for Medical students (IFMSA, VVAA)
  6. FP, who like to do a PhD

Each link is a special page!