In Nijmegen the FP-training institute has started to organise a twinning program around FP-training. You can read more about their experiences here, the article was first published in Lijn 1, the magazine of the Radboud UMC, Contact

Alexander Snijdewind regularly organises CME in Paramaribo, Surinam. Theme: Best practices in General Practice care. 

Willemijn Leeuwen, works as ER doctor in the L.Mungra Streetziekenhuis Nickerie (LMSZN), till July 2016. Afterwards she will return to the Netherlands to continu her AIGT education Mother and Child care. Curious about her experiences? Or questions how to contact the hospital? She is ready to answer questions at: Or read about her experiences (in Dutch) Suikerdokter in Suriname (WHIG)-4