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Calling adventurous rural nurses and doctors…

Tristan da Cunha is the most remote inhabited island in the world, situated in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean and reachable only by ship from Cape Town. It has a population of around 250, and its small health centre has a rotating expat staff of two professional nurses and two doctors (with occasional others). These posts require people with strong generalist skills and ability to cope with (very) isolated conditions, and at any given time the skill mix in the team needs to include midwifery, obstetrics, surgery and anaesthetics. Most of the work is routine primary care however, and strong community skills and public health knowledge are important. Mental health skills are also badly needed.

Contracts are anything from 3 months to a year or more, depending on need and availability. The island struggles to find professional staff with the necessary combination of skills, and I have punted the rural health network in SA as the place to look! At present, professional nurses and doctors are the main recruitment challenge. Minimum 5 years’ post-qualification experience is generally required. Visiting specialists are engaged from time to time, according to need.

There is also a social worker position, currently vacant (see https://www.tristandc.com/jobs/news-2022-06-18-social-worker.php – please share with your social work colleagues!) 

If you are a professional nurse, social worker or doctor and would like to take rural to the extreme, please send your CV and any questions about the positions to our recruitment officer, Jean Caldwell: [jcaldwell@nico.org.uk].

For more info on the island, see the official website:

For info on rehab on the island, please contact me: kate.sherry@gmail.com.


Kate Sherry

Occupational therapist

Camogli Hospital

Tristan da Cunha TDCU 1ZZ

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