What did the support team of WHIG do so far?
The WHIG has been active since 2001 in boosting FM-training first in Kenya and later Rwanda and advocating support for this cause in Africa.
We operate as partner of Primafamed.
Our involvement in the training (Eldoret 2007- 2017 & Rwanda) gradually shifted to giving lectures and courses. Due to COVID it ended.
Use the worldmap to click on a country to see how the WHIG is involved.

What collaboration with FM-training do we anticipate?
WHIG has 3 options for the support of FM-training:
1. Financial support of specific parts of FM-training programs (e.g. Community Health Orientation of medical students, palliative care)
2. Technical assistance of Dutch FPs in coaching FM-registrars in their rural (community) orientation period.
3. Organising a training course for FM-trainers preferably hosted by the partner FM-department(s). In 2017 such a course was organised in Utrecht, but never took place. We hope that with Indonesia an exchange will be reallised in the future.

Academic profiling
Many Training institutes do not nee technical assistance anymore. Yet, we could support them in Academic profiling (research, PhD-programs, special fields Like palliative care, Medical home management, etc)

The support team
Each of the persons in the support team has actively contributed to the above and can be contacted.