Vacancy for position of medical doctor in Lamin Health Center, The Gambia

Lamin Health Center in western Gambia seeks medical doctors for clinical work (short and long term positions) starting in 2020. The Gambia is a developing country in West Africa with about 2 million inhabitants, the majority being Muslim. Thanks to the beautiful beaches a small proportion of the population profits of the tourist industry but overall the country is very poor. Health care services are lacking and as a medical education programme has only existed since 2006 there is a severe shortage of local doctors. The burden of disease in the Gambia consists mainly of neonatal disorders, respiratory infections, diarrheal diseases, HIV/AIDS, TB, malaria and hemoglobinopathies, but also of ischemic heart disease and stroke.

Lamin Health Center is a non-profit hospital (originally established by a small Dutch NGO) with a capacity of 21 admission beds including a paediatric ward, female ward and male ward. Furthermore there is a delivery room, emergency room, laboratory and dressing room. It is the only clinic in an area of about 35.000 inhabitants. About 2000-3000 patients a month visit our facilities and we strive to provide high quality healthcare for an affordable price for our community. Basic laboratory testing, ECG, ultrasound and ambulance services are available; minor surgical procedures and delivery care are provided. As a doctor working in Lamin you will see patients in the OPD, do rounds on the wards, attend to emergency cases, supervise the senior nurses and (depending on your experience) deliver babies.

We are continuously looking for medical doctors to strengthen our team, preferably with experience in emergency medicine, family medicine, internal medicine, surgery, gynaecology and/or paediatrics (start date open for discussion). Capacity building is important – we seek colleagues who are willing to bring the knowledge of our staff members to the next level by education, teaching of practical skills and implementing new protocols. To improve the sustainability of care the hospital is financially responsible for training four Gambian medical students who will work in LHC after graduating. You can expect a warm and motivated team, dynamic working days and a highly rewarding job. You will receive a monthly salary enough to get around in the Gambia; accommodation is possible.

For more information please contact:

Lisanne Denneman (Medical Director)

Or send your CV and motivation letter to: Annemieke de Koning (General Director)