WHIG is now partner of the PRIMAFAMED Network

The WHIG and its support group for capacity building in Family Medicine has joined the PRIMAFAMED network as a partner. Primafamed has an extensive “Southern” network in SSA (see 5 page booklet on PRIMAFAMED).
In 2019 WHIG organised a conference with partners from Denmark, Germany & Belgium to boost collaboration with European countries to …. (e.g.) strengthen North-North-South-South collaboration in support of development of family medicine in Sub Sahara Africa .
We collectively agreed to make a “Northern” alliance in Primafamed with common goals. Steven van de Vijver has been the anchor man for WHIG in Primafamed since 2015 and is chairman of the WHIG support group.
The WHIG supports under- and postgraduate training in various countries in SSA (Rwanda, Kenya, Malawi, Uganda) and offers coaching and expertise in various fields, like research, palliative care & communication.
These projects are compatible with the Primafamed network goals, which got a boost in the WONCA-Kampala conference (see report)

The PRIMAFAMED Network (link to publication in Family Practice) 

The PRIMAFAMED (Primary Care / Family Medicine) network was established in 2008 with support from the Flemish Inter-university Council (VLIRUOS). Prof. Jan De Maeseneer from Ghent University was particularly instrumental in supporting the development of the network. The PRIMAFAMED network developed out of a series of networking and collaborative activities in South Africa, spreading into SSA.


The ultimate goal of the PRIMAFAMED network is to improve the accessibility and quality of health care and to establish more equitable and locally suited primary health care systems as this is the most accessible and holistic level of health care with the potential to make the greatest impact on achieving the Sustainable Development Goals.


The PRIMAFAMED network is an international institutional network that aims to develop and strengthen family medicine higher education and training through capacity building, curricula enhancement and academic research development. Due attention is paid to inter-professional training and training of other professionals in primary health care, such as nurses, mid-level care workers and community health workers. The network pursues a strategy of South-South-North cooperation.

For info on History, Membership, Governance & strategic partners click

Strategic partners

WONCA Africa

The PRIMAFAMED Network is linked to WONCA Africa as it represents the academic activities for family medicine in the region.
Other strategic partners (Appendix B) are in North America and Europe. Each of the strategic partners will be entitled to select a representative to sit on the PRIMAFAMED Board.

Appendix A

  1. Botswana (University of Botswana)
  2. Democratic Republic of Congo (Protestant University in Congo)
  3. Eswatini (University of Swaziland)
  4. Ethiopia (University of Addis Ababa)
  5. Ghana (University of Ghana)
  6. Kenya (Universities of Maseno, Kabarak, Aga Khan, Moi, Kenyatta)
  7. Lesotho (National University of Lesotho)
  8. Malawi (University of Malawi)
  9. Mali (University of Bamako)
  10. Mozambique (University of Mozambique)
  11. Namibia (University of Namibia)
  12. Nigeria (Universities of Lagos and Calabar)
  13. Rwanda (University of Rwanda)
  14. South Africa (Universities of Cape Town, Stellenbosch, Free State, Witwatersrand, Pretoria, Sefako Makgatho, Limpopo, KwaZulu-Natal, Walter Sisulu)
  15. Sudan (Ahfad University for Women, University of Gezira)
  16. Tanzania (Aga Khan University)
  17. Togo (University of Lome)
  18. Uganda (Universities of Makerere and Mbarara)
  19. Zambia (University of Zambia)
  20. Zimbabwe (College of Primary Care Physicians of Zimbabwe, National University of Science and Technology, University Zimbabwe)
  21. Sierra Leone (add detail)
  22. Madagascar (add detail)
  23. Tunisia (add detail)
  24. Senegal (add detail)
  25. Cameroon (add detail)

Appendix B

1.  Belgium: Ghent University and ICHO-Partners (Antwerp University, Free University Brussels, University of Louvain)
2. Canada, Besrour Centre (College of Family Physicians of Canada)
3. Denmark (Aarhus University)
4. Germany, University of  Heidelberg
5. UK, Royal College of General Practitioners
6. The Netw7. ork: Towards Unity for Health (TUFH)
7. The Netherlands, University of Maastricht; SHE-collaborates
& the Working Party of FPs and Int. Health (WHIG)
8. WONCA (Africa)