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Steven van de Vijver is a Dutch Family Practitioner who has set up the Scale Up Study, that is linked with the DSS in Nairobi.
The full title for this is “Sustainable Model for Cardiovascular Health by Adjusting Lifestyle and Treatment with Economic Perspective in Settings of Urban Poverty Scale-Up Project”.
The project took place between 2011-2014 and was funded by the Amsterdam Institute for Global Health and Development (AIGHD).

The aim was to develop, implement and evaluate an effective and low cost community-based intervention for primordial and primary prevention and management of cardiovascular risk factors suitable for scaling up in slum settings in Sub Saharan Africa.

Such studies, particularly this study on non-communicable diseases, are fundamental to Family Medicine, because they reveal the health care needs, for which Family Medicine hopes to have an adequate answer. Another DSS that was started in Eldoret (Moi University) is linked to the FM traing in Moi.

Find below some papers related to this topic:

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