FMcurriculum Eldoret

The curriculum of the FM-training program in Moi University Eldoret
(see also KAFP-website)

“The FM-training is in the process of revising its curriculum based on previous experience. Over the last 14 months, the Division of Family Medicine at Moi University has been evaluating our first curriculum. Being the first training programme for Family Medicine in Kenya, we decided to proceed with this process just after the first set of graduates completed the programme. The process included our current faculty, our recent graduates, our current registrars, and several other partners and outside experts. Based on our first 3-4 years of experience, our intention was to identify both those areas in the original curriculum which have stood this brief test of time, as well as those areas that needed clarification or redirection.

We found plenty of both. Evidence of the first is illustrated by the stability of our competencies, which were developed based on the original curriculum. The Part I competencies were in the clinical areas, and are being expanded into specific courses. The Part II competencies were fourfold: Management, Behavioral, Teaching and Learning, and Community. The focus on these four areas remains and is strengthened in the proposed rewritten curriculum. In addition, the basic skeleton of the curriculum remains the same. However, we found the descriptions of the clinical courses in Parts I and II to be in need of expansion, and we found it necessary to add additional introductory courses.

Overall, we are proposing a 4 year curriculum, with 2 years in each Part. This gives registrars a longer time to develop clinical competencies, as well as more time to select and develop a research proposal. It is also in line with advice from the Kenya Medical Practitioners and Dentists Board for all post-graduate training.

We are now waiting for feedback from those involved in the process.”

Raymond Downing, MD. Chair, Family Medicine. Moi University School of Medicine