Family Medicine in LMICs

The ambition of the WHIG is to be a network connecting Dutch FPs to colleagues in other countries. Every Dutch FP who is active as a FP abroad is invited to forward a text, that we can publish under that country.
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WHY do we have an ambition to boost FM abroad? 
Family Medicine (FM) is now an accepted specialty also in LMICs.
The need to apply the principles of  FM in primary care requires trained generalist physicians, a need felt by all countries that want Universal Health Coverage (UHC) by 2030. WHO-report of progress per country

The WHIG is partner of PRIMAFAMED, a “North-South” network in SSA.
In Primafamed WHIG works on capacity building in FM with a focus on SSA
Its ambition is to include FM-principles in its care provision to ultimately reach UHC (BMJ).  Von Pressentin’s thesis provides evidence on the contribution of FPs to health care in South Africa.
A short and long film on FM in Kenya is on youtube (3′);  full version (30′)

– Contribute to the FM-orientation of doctors/ MO’s who do compulsary service. Compulsary service would be a perfect moment to start training in FM: Paper in MT.
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