Elective in the UK / Huisartsenstage Engeland

In general

If you want information on the possibilities both of working in the UK as well as electives – stimulated  by the BMA – you could contact Olivia Roberts, who is a senior research officer but does mediate in electives inside the BMA. oroberts@bma.org.uk

Palliative care elective

Maastricht offers their trainees a clinical stage from 6 weeks in palliative care in a hospice in Engeland. This used to be a big succes but is a bit more complicated nowadays because the HVRC demands a registration as MD (which costs 500 pounds with the British GMC)

For any questions you can contact Hendrik Jan Vunderink
HAB/ ELWP-coördinator/voorzitter Selectiecommissie Instituut voor Huisartsopleiding